Dear Casey:
Do you think I should be pre-approved for a mortgage before I start looking for a new home?

Casey WattersYes, yes, and yes! Did I say yes?! If you are serious about looking for a new home you should absolutely get pre-approved for a mortgage. When working with a lender, you can discuss loan options, find your optimal budget, and obtain a pre-approval letter. At the Casey Watters office, we can help with pre-approval, allowing you to get in your dream home faster—your ultimate goal! What will you need for pre-approval? Gather your last two years’ worth of W-2 statements and tax returns, most recent 2 months of assets, 30 days most recent paystubs, and be prepared with your driver’s license and Social Security number. You can even call and do your preapproval over the phone! Call Casey today at 715-434-7904!

P.S. There is a difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved. While pre-qualified is useful as a budget estimate, pre-approved means you are serious about a home loan—your credit and documentation has already been verified.