Dear Casey:
We’re ready to start looking for a new home. What are the benefits of having a buyer’s agent?

Casey Watters At the Casey Watters office, we LOVE to serve as the buyer’s agent for home buyers. Why? Because, as the #1 Residential Realtor in Northwestern Wisconsin, we make it our top priority to understand each client’s individual home buying needs. Need more convincing? Read further for the reasons why you should work with a buyer’s agent.

Reason #1: When we serve as your agent, we are loyal to only you and ensure that you get the best home for the least amount of your hard-earned money.

Reason #2: It is completely free to the buyer. Free?! Yes—free!  When working with us, you get an agent professionally trained and experienced in locating the perfect home for you—within your desired geographic area. Any fees are paid by the seller.

Reason #3: We understand how to negotiate the sale and can ensure all contractual obligations are met. Our knowledgeable team members have been through this before and can verify all information is appropriate for your unique situation.

Final Reason: We are experts and experienced professionals. Would you try to cut your own hair, fix your own plumbing, or cure your own medical ailments? If you are not an experienced home buyer, then it’s best to hire someone that is—the Casey Watters team can help you with all aspects of home buying. In fact, it is our passion! Call us today at 715-434-7904 to get started!