Casey Watters Red Cedar Lake Home for Sale

Casey Watters is an Awful Photographer!

… wait what?📸

You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What if the first words people thought of when they looked at your home listing were: dark, small or unattractive? Yikes! Unless you’re selling a storm cellar, I don’t think anybody wants their home described that way! Bad photography can make the most beautiful home look dark, small and unattractive.

REAL ESTATE is my full-time career- photography is not. That’s why I employ a full-time professional listing manager with the tools, equipment and experience to make sure your home is photographed at the best time of day from the best angles and each photo captures the unique beauty of your property. It’s common for my listing manager to take over a hundred photos of your property and after viewing each photo, only choosing the best ones for the listing presentation. When on site, my listing manager will often make small adjustments to the placement of a chair, adjust shades & curtains or move nick-nacks for a cleaner photo.  By having a committed listing manager, it’s possible to schedule time to take additional photos when seasons change or when updates have been made to the property during the listing process.

Having a listing manager helps me free up my schedule to focus on what I’m really great at- selling your home. My team and I believe that listing your home isn’t a ‘one-and-done’ process and that’s part of the reason why I continue to successfully sell more real estate than any other agent in the area. My team approach to real estate puts more professional resources in your corner on day one! If you’re ready to sell, don’t settle for a one-and-done approach to real estate and cell phone snapped photography. For professional multi-level real estate service, call my office at 715-434-7904 today.

*Casey Watters, Real Estate Solutions. #1 Real Estate Agent in Closed Real Estate Transactions 2014-2018. MLS Broker Statistics. Area=Barron Washburn, Sawyer & Rusk Counties.