Often homeowners will come into my office with a ‘Zestimate’ they completed online expecting our home price evaluation to match identically- most of the time they don’t.  An online evaluation tool might get you in the ballpark for price, but can’t replace a local real estate expert. Most of the online evaluation tools fail to consider the local trends, area attractions, and other regional factors that will increase or decrease your home value. Zillow uses nationwide statistics to generate your estimated home value, so unless you’re moving your home to the rolling hills of Kentucky, you should probably leave your home price evaluation to a local expert.

My office uses a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will set your home value based on a variety of factors including- your homes specific characteristics, local markets, location, and recent home sales in your area. Listing your home at a fair and accurate price from day one is an important factor in a successful sale. If you’re ready to sell your home and would like find the price that’s just right for your home, call Casey Watters, REALTOR® today! 715-434-7904