Bright Interior Photo

Let There Be Light! Four Tips for Selling Your Home This Season

Are you selling your home this holiday season or thinking of listing during the winter months? Sloppy roads and snowbanks don’t have to slow down your home sale! Here are four quick tips to showcase your home for a sale this season.

  1. Let there be light! Cloudy weather and shorter days can make any home feel a little dark and gloomy. Before a showing: Turn on all of the lights, open the shades or curtains and look for opportunities to bring in a little extra light with a well-placed lamp.
  2. Buyers can be nosey… really. It’s been a couple months since we’ve been able to open the windows to let the breeze in, but try to keep the aromas of your home neutral. It might be tempting to leave a scent warmer plugged in or give your home a quick spray of a seasonal room refresher before an agent shows your home, but we’re finding that more and more people are turning to ‘clean’ home products and the heavily perfumed home scents can be a real turn off for buyers.
  3. Don’t be a flakey. In addition to keeping your homes interiors clean and clutter free, don’t forget the little extra cleaning your walkways and driveway needs this time of year. It’s not unusual for it to snow a few inches every week during the winter months and it’s critical to keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice. You’ll want buyers looking up and at your home as they approach, not down at a slippery walkway.  Keep decks cleaned off and all exterior doors clear for entry and exit. It might be snowy out, but you want buyers to be able to imagine how relaxing your back deck will be in the summer!
  4. Hire the right agent. Longer listing times are to be expected in the winter months, but choosing an active real estate agent can really make a difference! Will your agent take professional photos? Do they have an active marketing plan? Is real estate their only career or do they take on another seasonal job during slower months? How committed are they to your home sale? It’s critical to ask your agent how they plan to market your home in the winter.

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