My home listing expired and now agents are knocking down my door for their chance to sell it.  If any agent can show or sell my home, why didn’t they sell it when it was listed before?

The primary role of a listing agent is to effectively market your home to potential buyers and to buyers agents. Buyers agents have a pool of buyers- each with very specific needs and your home may or may not fit their needs. If your listing agent doesn’t spread the word about your home for sale through multiple channels potential buyers and buyers agents may never even know your home is for sale or know what makes your home so special. If your agent thinks placing a sign in your yard and putting some photos online is effectively communicating your sale, you need to consider other options. Any agent can list a home for sale, a great agent has a proven plan to SELL your home! If you’re ready to list your home, call my office today and let’s talk about how we can sell your home. 715-434-7904