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top 5 reasons your home isn't sellingHow can I crank up the heat on my home sale?

If your home has been for sale since the last Ice Age, it’s time you take a serious look at the top five reason your home isn’t selling.

1. You hired the wrong listing agent. Has your relationship gone cold or are do they still seem fired up about selling your home?

2. Your home isn’t priced to sell. Work with your agent to complete a comparative market analysis (CMA) to find a price that is going to attract buyers.

3. Is your home buried under an avalanche of other options? Professional marketing will help your home stand out! Professional photos, website listings, and customer focus are just some of the ways I can help sell your home.

4. Your home needs work. While some buyers may want a project to work on, many want a move in ready home buying experience. Make a list and fix things prior to listing your home.

5. Overgrown weeds or chipped paint can leave buyers feeling cold. Heat up your home sale with a great first impression before they even enter your home.

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