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There are times that renting makes sense- college, job relocation, and other short term life changes. If you’re ready to establish your roots in your community, home ownership is the best option. As a homeowner you can build equity, enjoy tax advantages, low interest rates, and possibly a cheaper monthly mortgage payment than your current rent!
Have you ever rented a car or a hotel room? Chances are you have and you’ve had to ‘live with’ some less desirable features and amenities for a few days. Remember that leaky window, gross carpet, or noisy air conditioner? The problem with renting is you have to ‘live with’ and depend on a lot of decisions somebody else makes about your living situation. Do you dream of having the Pinterest perfect home details? It’s not likely your landlord will fork over the cash for an apartment renovation and will probably turn down your request for a farmhouse sink faster than your thermostat in January! Renting a home or apartment can also leave you out in the street- literally! What if your landlord decides to sell the property you live in? It happens more than you think. If you’re ready to put down your roots into our community, call me today and let’s find you a house to call home!